Ashley Fox, a member of the European Parliament from the UK, believes that the creation of a single legislative framework for the ICO will make them more “available” on the territory of the European Union.

Last week, Fox has commented on their proposals for new rules for the conduct of tomenselo. As reported BCFocus, member of Parliament, said that his proposals are intended to stimulate the ICO and to receive their declared profits of € 8 million, to support the implementation of the law on verification of customers; in addition, they will help cryptocurrency startups to get access to the entire EU market. According to him, in the future the number of companies willing to work in accordance with the rules, will increase.

The legislator said

I intend to do the projects ICO transparent, allowing the intermediaries to conduct due diligence. As a result, the EU will receive the law, which will be the passport for the entire market. We now have 28 countries — in some there are laws of this kind, in others they are not. If you are collecting funds in France, for example, then they can only use there.