In the Network appeared information about the fact that the flood destroyed a large mining farm in China’s Sichuan province.

In particular, the publication of CCN leads tweet Erica Meltzer, a partner focused on the Chinese market blockchain-Fund INBlockchain:

Rumors that a huge flood in Sichuan took out a bunch of BTC mines

— Eric Meltzer (@wheatpond) 29 June 2018 R.

“There are rumors that a powerful flood destroyed a bunch of bitcoin miners”

The corresponding photos are also published Facebook a well-known bitcoin Evangelist Stepan Gershuni.

Major news Service China news (ECNS) wrote about major flooding in several provinces of the country:

“From Wednesday to Thursday rain fell in Anhui, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shandong and Jilin. According to the office of state flood control and drought, the most affected Anhui and Jiangsu”

According to the Analytics service Wednesday, June 27, hash rate of the bitcoin network has decreased by 30% — from 43 million to 30 million (TH/s):

Soon, however, Hasrat partially recovered, now its value is around 35 million TH/s.

Chinese Sichuan province is famous for its relatively low electricity tariffs and favorable conditions for the development of the mining business. Despite the fact that in this province there is a large amount of mining farms, many analysts believe that even their complete destruction is not enough for such a significant and sharp decline in can see.

ForkLog previously reported that mining giant Bitmain controls more than 40% of bitcoin network hash rate yet.