The Creator of the cryptocurrency TRON (TRX) Justin San is in the process of buying the company BitTorrent Inc., the operator of the popular uTorrent client, the user base which is more than 100 million people. This writes TorrentFreak.

Himself Justin San from comments about a possible transaction refused, however, the representatives of BitTorrent confirmed his interest, noting that the process of selling the company has not yet completed.

As the newspaper notes, despite the large number of users of BitTorrent, the last operating under the name Rainberry, and has not met the expectations of early investors failing to become a major tech company.

Regarding the name change, the abandonment of former well-recognized name in the company previously called “exclusively corporate decision.” However, it is possible that it was due to this plans for the sale of the company.

It is noteworthy that earlier Justin San BitTorrent sued for breach of an obligation not to consider other proposals for the sale of the company. It happened after the signing of the Treaty of intent, which, in the opinion of the Creator of Tron, BitTorrent violated by talks with three other potential buyers.

Tron cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of more than $4.6 billion is among the ten largest digital assets and preparing for an early start in the core network.

The BitTorrent developer Bram Cohen last year announced the creation of a new cryptocurrency, which, according to him, will be a response to the challenges facing bitcoin.