RIA Novosti reported with reference to Greek law enforcement authorities about what he had planned the murder of a detainee in Greece Russian Alexander winnick. The correspondent of the Agency has personally reviewed the documents relating to the failed assassination attempt.

Winnick is still in custody in Greece. According to a source RIA Novosti, the Russians were planning to poison, to write off the case on the inmates and to present it as “ordinary crime”. It is also claimed that “order” was made from Russia.

We will remind that Alexander Vinnik were arrested during a holiday in Greece at the request of U.S. intelligence as a suspect in money laundering through the stock exchange BTC-e. According to some reports, winnick was related to the collapse of Japanese exchange Mt. Gox. According to one version of media, the arrest winnik is part of the hunt us intelligence on the Russian IT-specialists.

It is reported that the attack on the Russians was not held due to the efforts of the Greek police, who have used “operational information”. While winnick has banned any contact with the prisoners and stepped up its protection. He can communicate only with trusted persons, and he was forbidden to buy food in the local shop.

According to the source RIA Novosti, about the planned murder became known a few months ago, but the information was not disclosed. This States that “order”, most likely, could be the result of a written application winnik for Russian law enforcement officers, representing a confession.

Charges American law enforcement winnick is not recognized. Under US law, he faces 55 years in prison. According to the Russian lawyer Timothy Musatov, Russia has enough instruments to protect winnik on the territory of another state. The lawyer expressed hope that the competent authorities of Russia will not remain in side from this.