According to CCN, referring to the Executive Director of the blockchain startups in the area of tokenization real estate Cornerstone Fedor Martynov, the head of the company Gregory Kucherov on Sunday were abducted in Kiev by two armed men.

Martynov said that the project was ready to go on ICO and have already attracted a certain amount from private investors. According to his version, which, according to him, also shared by the police, the kidnapping might be related to these funds. However no messages or ransom demands from the kidnappers received.

We will remind that on December 26, 2017 in Kiev was kidnapped the head of the crypto currency exchange EXMO Paul Lerner. He was released after a few days. Later, Lerner said that the kidnappers called themselves the representatives of special services, in just a few seconds put him in the van and drove away. The kidnappers took his two mobile phones, a computer and demanded a ransom in bitcoins.