According to sources, the publication Cheddar, Facebook moved under the management of four of the five employees of a startup Chainspace, developed by researchers from University College London for the development of a decentralized smart contracts, allowing to make payments and provide other services in the blockchain.

Two of the authors of the whitepaper Chainspace, Alberto Sonnino (Sonnino Alberto) and George Danezis (George Danezis), in their profiles on LinkedIn pointed out that since the beginning of the month working on research in the field of blockchain technology in the London office of Facebook. And on the website of the project says that his team “do something new”, leaving open access to code and documentation.

In comments Cheddar representatives from the social network confirmed the hiring of team members of a startup without purchasing its technology.

Recall that in late December last year it became known that Facebook is working to create a cryptocurrency that will give users the opportunity to make remittances in WhatsApp. According to Bloomberg, Facebook is developing stablon tied to the U.S. dollar, to minimize volatility.