Based in Estonia developed by FINTECH solutions “Scriptocean OU” (Cryptocean) has accused the CEO of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov borrowing technology underlying the Telegram service Passport. The claim is registered in the office of the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow on may 29. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to claimant, February 1, in the framework of the ICO project Cryptocean held a private demonstration of the service for information security and the announcement of the draft cryptospora. The meeting was also attended by the representative of the Telegram.

“The program, the development of which has been invested more than 800 thousand euros, was created in December 2016 and January 2018,” — said in Cryptocean, adding that the service Durova copy “functionality, the interface and operation are” of their product.

The lawsuit was filed personally to Paul Durova, since, according to the plaintiff, decides that he.

“We want to acknowledge our copyright, and to oblige Pavel Durov to stop using the challenged program”, — stated in the claim.

We emphasize that Pavel Durov has not yet published an official comment on the situation.

Recall, the Telegram service, Passport, intended for the storage of personal data, was submitted in early may and became the first product developed in the framework of creating a blockchain platform TON (Telegram Open Network).