The Chairman of the Committee on economic policy of the Russian Federation Council Dmitry Mezentsev received from the speaker of this body of Valentina Matvienko instructed to expedite the adoption by the state Duma draft laws on the use of digital technologies in the financial sector.

“I ask you to understand why for almost a year practically without movement lie in the state Duma the legislative initiative of the senators on the use of digital technologies in the financial sector. You need to find out what is holding back their adoption. If they are poor, tell them we’ll finalize them,” said Matvienko at the meeting of the senators of the Russian Federation Nikolay Nikiforov Konstantin Noskov.

She noted that because of the “legal vacuum” in this area are the development of schemes, and the business has been looking for other jurisdictions, and therefore, the process of creating a legal framework for the digital economy, it is important not to delay, as “in this super-dynamic and highly competitive sector hesitates is lost”.

Matviyenko said that Russia “has all the digital break – and fail it due to paperwork, excessive bureaucracy, yet some factors would be just a shame.”

Recall that the draft law “On digital of financial assets” was introduced in the state Duma of the Russian Federation in March last year and at the end of may passed the first reading. In June, contrary to the position of the Ministry of Finance in draft legislation for regulation of cryptocurrency market in the Russian state Duma has replaced the concept of “digital money” and “digital currency” “digital rights” and in September of this prepared for the second reading of the document has removed the concept of “mining” and “cryptocurrency”.