The Bureau on registration of patents and trademarks U.S. has published another application of the Mastercard payment system, which describes a solution that uses blockchain technology. The document, entitled “Method and system for the authentication coupons using the blockchain” is a diagram of an implementation of the authentication coupons and ensure their storage and protection, which should guarantee the preservation of their unchanged, and the possibility of repayment solely by authorized persons.

Grant applicants propose to establish a user linked to the payment instruments on the blockchain. Thus receiving a discount coupon or bonus side will be able to verify its relevance to bearer, and after the transaction, the system will not allow you to use it again. It is expected that this decision will be an effective measure in the fight against fraud with the coupons.

Recall that a month ago, was posted filed in October 2016 patent application Mastercard offers a way of speeding up the process of adding a new node in the blockchain. Together with the financial conglomerate Bank of America and IBM Corporation, the payment system is a leader in number of patent applications, subjects in the United States, in the field of blockchain technology.