Chinese captainvalor and managing partner of blockchain-Fund Xiong’An Global Blockchain Innovation Fund Saali Lee announced his retirement from his post because of alleged defamation. This writes CoinDesk.

A few months ago, venture capitalist Chen Washing started “Internet war” against Lee, making a number of hostile statements in his address.

For example, in June, he called Saalai a “crook” and a “tumor” in the cryptocurrency world. He later stated that in 2013, Lee received 30 thousand bitcoins from a group of investors to create the Fund, but was not able to return them. Cheng also expressed doubt about the fact that the government of Hangzhou was indeed issued to the promised 30% of the funds for the development of the blockchain Foundation.

If Saoli tried several times to catch Masinga libel, but he continued to press charges.

“Defamation of Chen Masinga has a negative impact on the reputation of the blockchain Foundation. The authorities of Hangzhou, and further contributed to the development of the blockchain in the region, I resign as managing partner,” he said in the social network Weibo.

If Saoli filed a lawsuit on the offender due to the spread of damaging his reputation information. In return, Chen promised to invite the court “victims” who had allegedly suffered from the actions of Lee.

We will remind, in April, British journalist and financial expert Martin Lewis, filed a lawsuit against the social network Facebook for defamation.