The Ministry of education Malaysia announced the launch of blockchain-e-a Scroll intended for release and verification of University degrees.

Blockchain system to issue and validate certificates were developed by a team from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). The system will store the certification data in the NEM blockchain and implement online verification in seconds with the help of scanning a QR code printed on the diploma.

It is expected that this system will not only ensure the authenticity of the diplomas, but also to improve the effectiveness of their authentication.

The reason for the development of blockchain verification system was the increasing number of fake diplomas and the ease with which they can be purchased via the Internet. In addition, the Ministry reported that the universities now receive a huge number of requests for the authentication of diplomas. This process is done mostly through phone calls and emails, which is quite labor-intensive and inefficient.

Recall that in late September it became known that the Malaysian government intends to encourage the introduction of blockchain technology in the three sectors of the economy: electricity production from renewable sources, the production of palm oil and Islamic Finance.