The Malaysian securities Commission (SC) has released two consultation paper to gather public opinion regarding the regulatory framework for the conduct of ICO and crowdfunding of real estate.

The relevant document contains the query for the collection of feedback was published on Wednesday. It all those who wish to see the consultative documents and leave your comments to them prior to 29 March 2019.

The Minister of Finance of Malaysia lim Guan eng (Lim Guan Eng) had earlier noted that the Ministry is considering digital assets as an alternative method of raising funds and a new asset class for investors. Currently released consultation documents relate to both ICO and crowdfunding, and in the official announcement reads:

“SC collects public opinion on the proposed regulatory framework, which, among other things, establish eligibility requirements for first home buyers, the criteria for the legalization of digital assets and tokenization securities, and will set funding limits”.

We will remind, in January of this year, the Malaysian government still has not decided whether to legalize cryptocurrency. The Minister of Federal territories , Khalid Abdul Samad (Khalid Abdul Samad), answering the question whether currently the digital currency in the country is legal, said that the situation is not yet clear.

Then the financial controller of Malaysia together with the national Central Bank has announced plans to publish legislation on cryptocurrency and assets ICO in the first quarter of 2019.