A number of cybersecurity experts have warned MacOS users about new malware that can infect their computers through dedicated to the cryptocurrency discussion in Slack and Discord.

@patrickwardle @remco_verhoef @MalwarePatrol @MalwareMustDie @Malwageddon @malwrhunterteam @_odisseus @objective_see Recently discovered #OSX.#Dummy mac malware is targeting the #cryptocurrency communityhttps://t.co/gtP4DAVCJV#securityaffairs #malware

— Security Affairs (@securityaffairs) June 30, 2018

According to the founder of the company DutchSec remko Perhapa (Remco Verhoef), hackers are submitted by supervisors or leading specialists of the chats on these platforms and spreading code, which after downloading to the user’s equipment gives them the ability to remotely control computers, and also stores the passwords of victims on the local server in the Netherlands.

The founder and head of research in the company Digita Security Wardl Patrick (Patrick Wardle) called hacker AT OSX.Dummy because users due to careless behavior almost your hands contaminate their own equipment, but the virus itself is very simple and can be detected by antivirus software.

Recall that the experts of the edition BleepingComputer.com recently discovered a new malicious phishing, tracking to intercept of 2.3 million cryptocurrency addresses.