Because of the “critical servers” cryptocurrency exchange Livecoin temporarily suspended the Deposit and withdrawal of funds from the platform. This is stated on the website of the exchange.

8 Oct Livecoin users complained about problems with access to the platform. Then the team exchanges said on Twitter that have problems with hosting and the developers are working on a solution.

Dear customer we’re experiencing hosting issues, sorry for inconvenience. We’re working on this problem.

— livecoin (@livecoin_net) October 8, 2018

The next day on the website Livecoin message appears:

“We had a critical problem with several servers, including the mail and stored encrypted data, such as PIN codes, configure whitelists of IP addresses, Google 2FA, API keys and validate with changing IP when you login. They have not been compromised, but was lost without the possibility of recovery. Additionally, we inform that your passwords are not lost, they’re right.”

Due to problems with the mail server some customers received notification that their funds were withdrawn from foreign accounts.

In connection with the situation Livecoin temporarily runs in a restricted mode so that clients of the platform “have been able to recover their additional safeguards”. The exchange has also suspended the entry and withdrawal for seven days.

ForkLog previously reported that Livecoin lost more than $1.8 million because of a vulnerability in the code Monero.