The Central Bank of Lithuania is afraid of the participation of Russian investors in the ongoing in the country the ICO projects. This writes the Politico.

Controller Lithuania stated that with the initial offering of coins (ICO) members of the Russian criminal world to launder illicit funds.

“We constantly remind all about the risks — “I don’t want to see 70% of your ICO investors coming from Russia.” The opaque influx of capital from Russia does not correspond to our national interests,” — said a member of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania Marius Jurgilas.

We will note, last year the ICO projects added to the budget of Lithuania for $500 million According to forecasts of the European Commission, in 2018 the economy will grow by 3.1% thanks to cryptocurrency startups. For EU countries this indicator does not exceed 2.3%.

ForkLog previously reported that next year in Lithuania will create a blockchain system that will allow foreign companies to remotely register a company in the EU and to manage them. In early June, the Lithuanian authorities have classified the token-ICO-projects.

We will remind, the Ukrainian startup REMME researchers came to the conclusion that investors from developing countries, including from Russia, tend to “merge” ICO-tokens within four months after listing on the stock exchanges.