On Friday, February 8, the price of Litecoin has reached a seven-month high in tandem with bitcoin, while the latter shows a flat in the area of the minimum seven-week values.

As at 16:00 UTC, “digital silver” continues the rally (more than 18% in recent days), however, the analyst believes CoinDesk Markets Omkar Godbole, if the indicator RSI 14 day period shows overbought, further growth will be threatened.

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Undoing the bullish trend will happen in case of breaking the mark 0.010182 BTC, but in favor of sustainability say the daily trading volume of more than $1.1 billion To confirm further growth, be sure Godbole, trades should be closed above the level 0.010182 BTC to the figure of the inverted head and shoulders was finally formed.

Meanwhile, the bitcoin community is nothing to please. Godbole stressed that while the first bitcoin passes the $3 417 and not to fixate on it, the downside risk to $3100 will be present.

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Other defendants in the TOP 10 of CoinMarketCap list is also showing growth in the lead the EOS and Ethereum.

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We will remind, earlier it became known that the developers of Litecoin are considering the implementation of the Protocol MimbleWimble.

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