Aldon Decred (DCR) continued medium-term decline, despite its appearance on the trading floors OKEx and Huobi. June 14, DCR held a listing on OKEx. On the same day there was a message Huobi about June 15, the trade will be opened in currency pairs DCR/DCR and BTC/ETH. Despite such important steps of the market, which help enhance the liquidity of altcoins, DCR has been able only slightly to benefit from it. June 14 was the peak day when Aldon were at the level of $99,3, then he just became cheaper: on 15 June it dropped to $92,03 and 16 June to $90,81. Note that the decline was even on 15 June, when the debut on Huobi. And listing was not on minor trading platforms, and on the second and third places on the turnover after Binance.

Interest in DCR also began to decline after a local maximum on June 14: this day turnover exceeded $10 million, by June 16, declined to $9.7 million Most popular currency pair is DCR traded with bitcoins. Now it accounts for 82% of total turnover, with this cryptocurrency. Despite the fact that BTC itself continues to show the trend of price reduction, DCR for the last 30 days relative to the cryptocurrency No. 1 has decreased in value by 27%. In dollar terms, the main losses are observed in the short-term horizon: over the last seven days DCR fell by 9%. But in 30 days it grew by 7.5% in 90 days positive dynamics gave 104,71% growth.

Obviously, the listing on the stock exchange has not helped to improve short-term results coins, but did not spoil the picture on the distant historical perspective. Partly this unsatisfactory result from the listing can be linked with the General mood on the market when Bitcoin since the beginning of the week lost 15 percent of all cryptocurrencies in the top 5 showed double-digit percentage fall over this period. Against this background, the fall of the DCR was weaker, which is already a good result.

DCR is still not on Binance that proponents of this Aldona associated with the “draconian” fees for the listing. Since DCR is a decentralised project, then for him there is no team that could form a marketing budget and determine a strategy to promote Aldona. DCR resembles, in this sense, Bitcoin was created by the efforts of those who were previously in love with Bitcoin, but wanted to make cryptocurrency better. If interest in alithinou reduced in the market, in terms of technology, is bucking the trend: over the past 30 days, the amount of hashes for the currency jumped more than four times. More than half of all mining DCR falls on the mining pool is F2Pool.

DCR draws from an engineering point of view the fact that the network is working on a hybrid version of the Protocol, which combines both proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS). The network has smart contracts, which are similar to Lighting Network, that is, accelerate the work of the network itself. DCR is convenient from the user point of view as a decentralized marketplace, which enables transactions of sale and purchase of different cryptocurrencies, and allows you to work in this environment, a variety of digital wallets. Recall that altain among the top 30 cryptocurrencies, occupying the 27th place.

Vladislav Ginko, economist, expert at the Russian public service Academy at the President of the Russian Federation, especially for Coinspot