The unit for trading and storage of digital assets, American financial Corporation Fidelity Investments has introduced primary standards for the evaluation of cryptocurrency. This was announced by President Fidelity Digital Assets (FDAS) Tom Jessop.

Earlier Jessop stated that the FDAS plan to implement support Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, however, judging by recent reports, it may not happen too soon.

“Currently we support bitcoin, we plan to implement support for other coins in accordance with their standards, which include demand from customers and other factors,” he explained.

Among other things, Fidelity will evaluate the level of decentralization of digital assets and look for the presence of “specific characteristics” that may impede their listing or support on the platform of the FDAS.

The demand for money in most cases reflects the size of its market capitalization, said Jessop.

“We may go through the list in order of market capitalization, but this does not mean that we will be listing each coin. There may be reasons that would compel us to abandon the listing, but they have nothing to do with demand, he added. – We would like to add support for the ether, but we are aware of the hard forks and updates, so we will try to carry out the necessary evaluation before you make a decision.”

Held in late February, hardwork Constantinople contained a number of changes, including the size of the awards for blocks. The next update of the Protocol is planned for October.

Jessop also said that Fidelity wants to guarantee the safety of investors and as another example, pointed to the Ethereum Classic, the decision to support which requires a thorough assessment of the risks from attack 51%, which previously subjected to blockchain cryptocurrencies.

Information about the timing of adding specific cryptocurrency on the platform of the FDAS, the component to store assets which is already operational, Jessop refused to disclose.

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