The developers of the Protocol of micropayments for bitcoin network from Lightning Labs has announced the release of LND 0.5 – the latest version of the desktop wallet for Lightning Network.

We’ve released lnd 0.5 beta, a major milestone!

⚡This Neutrino light client support to enable lightweight end-user apps 📱
⚡This is Safety and security improvements 🔒
⚡This is Better bitcoind support 🖥on!!!
⚡This is Improved user privacy 🤐

More info and upgrade here:

Lightning Labs⚡ I (@lightning) 14 September 2018

In the project blog States that the main objective of this release was to provide end-user applications (light client) with the implementation of the Protocol Neutrino in compatibility mode with proposals BIP BIP 157 and 158.

According to the developers, LND 0.5 has become an extremely important step in this direction, as Neutrino, which no longer requires a full bitcoin node, significantly reduces the load on the CPU and amount of memory necessary for the operation of the Lightning Protocol.

In addition, the developers say they have significantly improved the security of user funds, and also laid the Foundation for the next release LND, which will focus on routing nodes.

Also added another privacy option in the form of additional support Tor. This ensures that users who accept inbound connection requests, you can hide your IP address. Until that time, lnd supported outgoing Tor connections, but the new version adds support for inbound onion-services (Tor v2 and v3).

Further work is carried out to improve the overall performance of the application. In particular, the new release came the ability to simultaneously perform several tasks at the start, which accelerates the total time of application launch. Other improvements are aimed at reducing the load on the CPU.

Also in cooperation with the community Lightning improvements in the synchronization Protocol count of channels. Due to this reduced duplication of data transferred during synchronization of the network and increases the efficiency of the entire network.

Note that this release is still a beta version and, as warned by the developers to experiment with large amounts is not necessary. However, the above limit of 0.16 BTC, which is set for the purse, do it anyway until you get it.

Version 0.4 of the app was released in March of this year.