Co-founder bitcoin exchange Tyler Winklevoss in response to a loud statement by bill gates about bitcoin publicly explained the Creator of Microsoft, how to open a short position against the first cryptocurrency. This, as said earlier gates, he would have done if “there were an easy way to do it.”

Dear @BillGates there is an easy way to short bitcoin. You can short #XBT, the @CBOE Bitcoin (USD) Futures contract, and put your money where your mouth is! cc @CNBC @WarrenBuffett

— Tyler Winklevoss (@tylerwinklevoss) may 7, 2018

“Dear bill gates, there is a very easy way to short bitcoin. You can open a short position with XBT-futures exchange CBOE. So less words, more action”, — wrote ever see it on Twitter.

Earlier, gates said that bitcoin investments are a good example of the greater fool theory, which States that you can make money by buying securities, regardless of quality, is overvalued or not, and later selling them with a profit because there will always be someone (a greater fool), who also expects to quickly resell the asset at a profit.