Russian design company “art Lebedev Studio” has developed the design for the home miner called “Fair”.

The device project was created as part of the Express design of the items, its value amounted to 300 thousand rubles. On the production layout, the team took 70 days.

Developers will present a novelty in verse:

“The sun would Shine like in may, blooming herbs and flowers — we invented the miner home of extraordinary beauty! Looks sleeker than the iPhone. Gukovskaya new dream! His bent form, his calm colors”…

Miner “Fair” equipped with all the necessary openings for air inlets for wires and pixel display, which shows the number of mined currency. A particular advantage of the design is the ability to easily put the miners on top of each other, for convenience and space saving:

Recall that in October last year, Artemy Lebedev called cryptocurrency cross between the pyramid from “the dot com idiocy” and predicted the imminent end to all this enterprise.