8 September, the specialists of the companyprovider's financial information Yahoo Finance (the largest service of its kind in the United States, with the number of users in the 70 million people.) Dion Rabouin, Rick Newman and Dan Roberts talked about how now perceive cryptocurrencies to traditional financial institutions. According to them, "titans" wallstreetstill treat bitcoin with skepticism. In addition, experts discussed bitcoin's price fluctuations and the possibility of returning prices to the level of December 2017. The website AMB Crypto [opublikoval](https://ambcrypto.com/bitcoin-btc-prices-will-never-go-back-to-20000-claims-wall-street-titan/) the judgment of the panelists. 

Dan expressed the opinion that the price of bitcoin may rise, but will never return to around $20 000. He said:

“We should not expect a return to around $20 000. There is plenty of evidence of how the market is manipulated by many big investors, causing prices experience significant growth.”

Dan noticed that in the world of bitcoin, there are three categories of players.

The first involves speculators buying bitcoin and holding them as investments.

The second category is for people considering a bitcoin-based blockchain as innovative technology of the future, and the representatives of the third group think bitcoin is a Scam, but I support blockchain technology. According to Dan, the loudest slogan that unites the financiers of wall street is the idea of “bitcoin is Scam”.

Yahoo Finance columnist Rick Newman, for his part, said:

“I’m not interested in how it will look bitcoin in a month. I’m interested in what will be the bitcoin, say, five years.”

Rick believes that blockchain technology will be extremely effective in the digitalization of different sectors in the future, although this is already happening.

Dion spoke about the long-term scenarios and mentioned the so-called “Wolf wall street” Jordan Belfort, who believes the cryptocurrency industry outright Scam. At this point Dan said:

“Thousands of owners of successful businesses, investors and companies are now devoted himself entirely to cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the recognition of this sector is extremely important.”

The panelists agreed that while the technology of the blockchain has not led to the emergence of significant innovation available to the masses. However, Dan stated that we are talking about a very real sector with huge potential.