Presenter Crypto Trader on CNBC Africa Ren Neuner in his tweet from October 25, claims that the exchange and the operator cryptofauna wallet Coinbase is going to announce the IPO.

Neuner said that details will be disclosed Coinbase IPO on October 26 in a live broadcast of his show Crypto Trader.

The presenter also provided data on the number of accounts on Coinbase and earnings of the company. His infographic shows that the number of users of Coinbase reached 25 million active traders in the platform about 600 000.

According to Neuner, cryptocurrency exchange from California in the last quarter had revenue of $90 million and expects to earn $450 million in the fourth quarter of 2018. 80% of the revenues accounted for normal users and 15% to institutional investors, and the remaining 5% was not disclosed.

Coinbase President Asif Hirji first hinted at an IPO in late 2017. Answering the question about the possibility of turning the company public, he said

This, of course, in the interests of our investors. The most obvious way for Coinbase to become a public company at some time, although it has a lot to do.

In September in the same vein, he expressed Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong.

In early October, technological edition Recode, citing unnamed sources, estimated the Coinbase at $8 billion. the publication also claimed that the company is in talks with Tiger Global investment of up to $500 million.