The U.S. Department of justice issued a final verdict to the Arizona resident Thomas Mario Costanzo, who is a Federal judge on March 28, was found guilty on five counts in the case of money laundering. It is reported by Coindesk. At the appointed time was considered the time of stay Costanza under arrest since April of 2017. He will spend behind bars 41 a month, although, according to the decree of the Ministry of justice, the maximum sentence on each of five charges of money laundering is 20 years.

According to media reports, last year, Federal agents searched the home of Costanza on suspicion that the man was illegally in possession of ammunition and engaged in money laundering through bitcoin exchanger, and the Manager was.

Evidence subsequently provided to the court confirmed that for more than two years on bitcoin transactions Costanzo laundered $164 700. In particular, he took money from the Federal agent who worked undercover. The agent said “partner” that received funds received from vendors of heroin and cocaine. In the report the court States:

When undercover Federal agents appealed to Costanza and told him that selling drugs, Costanzo sold them bitcoins, and stated that cryptocurrencies are a great way to reduce the risk of contact with law enforcement.

In addition, the convict was found guilty of buying drugs with bitcoins, and that with the help of the exchange service has helped others to buy illegal substances.

The court also ruled that seized 80 men of bitcoins received from the agents, should be returned to the state.

The other day a woman who traded bitcoins and worked as an operator of exchange points in Los Angeles, was sentenced to a year in Federal prison after he admitted to organizing illegal money transfers.