On Saturday, August 4, the launch of the resource btcinformation.org, which is positioned as “community maintained” fork of the famous website Bitcoin.org.

As writes one of the developers OpenDime under the name NKV, “continuing the theme of decentralization, the official web site bitcoin does NOT.”

Keeping with the theme of decentralization, there is NO official #Bitcoin website.

Here is another good one: https://t.co/meEBtyfBOC https://t.co/CtVubn4KZM pic.twitter.com/nlgihRbDCA

— NVK (@nvk) 4 August 2018

Author a variety of documentation and one of the early supporters of bitcoin David Harding, who has also made a “small contribution” to the work on the new website, notes that btcinformation.org is no any advertisement and third-party trackers.

Launch announcement for https://t.co/JzIHLdq3Bc a community-maintained fork of Bitcoin(dot)org with advertisements removed and third-party trackers disabled. I’ve already had the pleasure of making some small contributions. https://t.co/dUE4ubWJZk

— David A. Harding (@hrdng) 4 August 2018

The creators of the time they say that, despite the fact that Bitcoin.org remains excellent resource, recent events harm its neutrality and that there is a high risk that the owners and administrators can use the resources for other purposes.

Furthermore, it is stated in the blog btcinformation.org over the past few years, the owners and administrators Bitcoin.org had taken unilateral actions that went against the desires of the community, and without his consent. These actions also forced to leave the project, a number of people who regularly contributed to its development.

“As a result we have decided to run btcinformation.org as a community supported fork Bitcoin.org. The purpose of this website is to be a neutral informative resource about bitcoin and its use”, — stated in the message.

As Bitcoin.org the new resource is completely open-source, and want to read it or to contribute may do so at the project page on GitHub.

Among the main differences btcinformation.org from Bitcoin.org lists the following:

  • A slightly modified design of the site.
  • Deleted the page “Events”, which Bitcoin.org were often filled with events that are not relevant to bitcoin.
  • Deleted the subsection on Bitcoin Core. It is noted that Bitcoin Core is a project independent from Bitcoin.org and btcinformation.org.
  • Temporarily removed the translations, however, they will be returned in the future.
  • Less JavaScript and cookies, also deleted the Google Analytics tracker. It is noted that by itself this information is useful, but not for btcinformation.org who has no plans to sell advertising.
  • Removed the section “Donations” — at the moment the team resource working on a more improved and distributed model of accepting donations.

Earlier, CEO of Blockstream’s Adam Back criticized the passion of co-founder Bitcoin.org Cobra fork of Bitcoin from Cash, said bitcoin.org is a “community property”. Simultaneously, the Backing offered to transfer control of the domain administrator Theymos trusts Cobra and other proponents of bitcoin. In addition, the website of Bitcoin Core has been removed link Bitcoin.org.

In response, Cobra accused the head of Blockstream trying to change the leadership Bitcoin.org in order to get more control over site policy.