This year after collecting CryptoStream billion and sales of esters in the amount of $ 6 billion, it seems that the activity of the ICO projects slowed down. Konal Campbell, Iconbox has led an interesting statistics.

“From the beginning of 2018 last week was the worst fundraising ICO-projects in total raised just $ 14.8 million, Only 4 of the 36 startups that have completed the initial placement of the coins, decided to publish the final fee amount.

Almost half of the total amount of $ 6 million, the project has received Fondocoin. It is a centralized exchange, which allows you to quickly, safely and profitably trade cryptocurrencies.

Secrecy in numbers is due to the fact that the projects simply could not gather the minimum required amount (soft cap).

But talk about a complete market collapse ICO last week is incorrect. For example, during the presale tokens Bytemine the project has raised about $ 38.5 million, i.e. 2.5 times more than the other projects combined. Given that the platform continues to pre-sell, these numbers will increase.”

Last week from 20th to 27th of August, the price Ethereum was at the lows of $ 270-290. This means that ICO-projects continue to sell the coins during the last seven days sold 28 709 coins. And today Digix Global sent to Gemini 54,000 esters.

At the same time, about a billion dollars in ETH are at the disposal of the ICO projects, the average number of daily sales is equal to 15 000-20 000.

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