Portuguese manufacturer of crypto-currency terminals Lamassu introduced the new generation devices. It clarifies Bitcoin.com cryptomate called Sintra, Sintra and Douro Forte II.

The devices provide the ability to make transactions with bitcoin, litecoin, ether, Bitcoin Cash and Dash. Operators involved in maintenance operations, can adjust fees and commissions.

Terminals Sintra and Sintra Forte allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrency, while cryptomath Douro II gives only the possibility to buy digital assets. All machines use software from Lamassu open source.

The company first introduced its cryptocurrency ATMs at a conference in San Jose in 2013. By the middle of 2017 she put about 400 terminals in different countries of the world, and every machine processes up to 30 transactions. According to the resource Coinatmradar, about 11% of the world’s cryptocurrency machines are manufactured by Lamassu.