Cryptocurrency exchange Kucoin intends to transfer the tokens with the small volume of trade in a “special regime”, as reported on its official website. The same fate awaits tokens which teams are faced with legal problems or shirk their obligations.

The translation in the “special regime” — the first step on the road to delisting or permanent ban, although the assets will be given a chance to “suspended sentence”. Coins moved in the area of “special regime” will be appropriately marked, so the traders can learn that there is a risk of their removal.

Many traders welcomed the new policy Kucoin because it increases transparency and gives you the opportunity to know in advance about the assets at risk of destruction. Many exchanges are delisting almost without warning, accompanying its minimal review, and even without explaining anything. For example, a lump sum Bittrex has removed dozens of coins, and the reasons for it, customers can only guess. Some of the deleted coins had zero volume of trade, others that we can count the securities, although the cryptocurrency assets, usually difficult to classify.

Kucoin identified eight reasons for the move of the token in the newly created area of “special regime”:

  1. The negative volume of trade continued for a certain period.
  2. The decline or suspected decline in business activity for three months.
  3. The Issuer is in the process of liquidation, insolvent, bankrupt, is in the process of bankruptcy or may be subject to such a procedure.
  4. The currency received a negative assessment from the auditor of the Issuer.
  5. During a period of currency is not able in accordance with the requirements of the exchange to include in the report the latest data on the degree of progress of the project, the status of the team and the company.
  6. The decay probability of the project team.
  7. Currency found in connection with any illegal and malicious activity on the market.
  8. Any other reason, the resolution of which will from time to time to make the exchange.

Cynics will say that the exchanges are only too happy to include in the listing any tokens, assigning for it the giant fees. Kucoin highlights the fact that in recent months has carried out just “mad” listing, adding tokens active for any other site. Perhaps it is the willingness of the exchange to take literally any token led to the fact that now she has to get rid of the worst coins.