Representatives kripalani exchange Kraken to respond to four researchers Bloomberg suspicions concerning manipulations of the crypto currency exchange with tokens USDT using special software, said that such criticism speaks to the media lack of understanding of the basic concepts of the market and devoid of logic.

In addition, anxiety Kraken was caused by the support received “stepped off the cliff” reporters from the journalists “lemmings” of the other media. The blog of crypto currency exchange hypothesized that the way Bloomberg is trying to manipulate the stock market for persons who wish to obtain maximum short positions on bitcoin futures.

“It is terrible to imagine that our legislators read these things. The header material is really sensational and, no doubt, attracted the eyes… But if we oppose the manipulation of the market, direct their attention to the fact that the material in Bloomberg News was published on June 29, the last business day of the second quarter, on a day when many expiring futures contracts. This is a worrying sign,” said Kraken.

In Kraken found a strange attention Bloomberg to trades in paired USDT/USD on this trading platform, because “the price of USDT impact of transactions on hundreds of millions of dollars in various markets”. A trader who placed resembling work orders in 13076,389 USDT in the period from 1 may to 22 June, at the request of the crypto currency exchange explained that the number “was not chosen by accident.”

Recall that in mid-June, researchers from the Department of Finance the University of Texas published a paper on the impact licenzirovanie USDT dollar to bitcoin exchange rate in 2017, and came to the conclusion that the Issuer of the token was manipulated bitcoin market. Later, the company Tether, a doubt in which cryptosuite grew with each passing day, was able to confirm the availability of 1 June on its Bank accounts of $2.55 billion, and then issued USDT another $250 million.

In Kraken is not the first time dramatically respond to the events around of the stock market. So, in April the crypto currency exchange said it has no plans to satisfy the request of the attorney General state of new York Eric Schneiderman (Eric T. Schneiderman), to demand from 13 kryptomere disclosure about their activities on 34 points.