One of the two largest telecommunication companies in South Korea, KT Corporation is planning next month to launch a platform of “blockchain as a service” (BaaS).

As reported by iNews24, presenting the platform, the company has said it wants to increase the availability of blockchain technology and reduce the barriers of entry to the market. Attending the event 43 interested firms can see, how just a few clicks you can create a blockchain node and implement the API of the smart contract, said the Korean edition.

“KT BaaS platform will reduce the barriers to entry into the sphere of the blockchain and create an ecosystem that can grow together with its partners. We will continue to build on the blockchain-industry in South Korea,” said senior Vice President of KT and head of the blockchain center SEO Tier-Il (Seo Young-il).

An undisclosed number of the participants will receive within the pilot program the opportunity to use the new service within three months. KT Corp will also provide them with consulting support.

Recall that a private blockchain network Korean Telecom Corporation launched last year with intentions to use it for the application of technology in various fields. Also KT Corp, in cooperation with Shinhan Bank is implementing a project to issue digital vouchers on the blockchain for the regional authorities.