The South Korean authorities and the Federal Bureau of investigation United States (FBI) discovered the cryptocurrency phishing fraud in the amount of $800 000.

Office cybercrimes in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, arrested two people suspected of involvement in a large cryptographic fraud . According to local sources, the suspects is a software engineer and his employer.

The engineer was identified as an experienced 42-year-old computer programmer who was hired to create a phishing site on trade XRP.

The scammers email you send users notification messages about the freezing of funds, and the letter was a link to a phishing site , which led unsuspecting users to enter a username and password.

As explained by local sources, 37 Japanese and 24 Korean traders fall for the Scam.

Although phishing scams, intended only for South Korean and Japanese citizens, FBI, apparently was involved in the investigation because the Ripple company that issued the tokens, XRP, registered in the United States.

According to Korean news release JoonAng Ilbo, the authorities were able to track down the scammer, as he almost immediately turned the stolen XRP to South Korean won (KRW). Then booked a room in a five star hotel and bought various luxury items.

Authorities also said that mosheni and he once caught on the same bait, even in 2014. When investigators were unable to return his stolen money, he became “inspired” to self-organization podobnoi Scam.

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