The Korea stock exchange, the main stock exchange of the country, is awaiting the decision of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) for the bitcoin ETF to determine its own policy in handling such tools. Writes about this edition of The Korea Herald, citing an anonymous representative of the exchange.

“The United States are at the forefront of the cryptocurrency market and related derivatives, he said. – There are convincing arguments in support of a bitcoin ETF. We have seen progress in the work of the SEC in this area”.

The exchange also noted that the launch of a bitcoin ETF will require a “reliable index” issue which is currently “under active consideration, because, ultimately, it will be used for the solution of problems of protection of investors.”

A Professor at the graduate University of the Cortex in the direction of “Information security”, Lee Kyeong-Ho argues that the approach of the stock exchange aimed at “reducing the risks of integrating ETF transactions”. According to him, in the case of approval on such instruments will be subject to strict rules of client identification and anti-money laundering.

“The government requires that the exchange of cryptocurrency adopted the rules of KYC and AML, with the aim of increasing the transparency of transactions,” he added.

At the end of January it became known that South Korea has decided not to lift the ban on the holding of ICO in its jurisdiction, finding numerous violations in the conduct of such campaigns in the past.

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