Well-known Internet entrepreneur, investor and former owner of the largest file-sharing site Megaupload, Kim Dotcom made a forecast that in the coming years the American economy will collapse, and once again urged to invest in cryptocurrencies.

According to Dotcom, cryptocurrencies will remain attractive in the eyes of investors as a viable and stable means of maintaining the cost along with precious metals such as gold. He writes:

Every year the American Empire pays interest at the rate of half a trillion dollars in public debt service, which each year increases by a trillion dollars. This is a death spiral (“death spiral”), the consequences of which will be irreversible. Self-destruction and collapse of U.S. dollar inevitable. Get rid of the dollar and U.S. stocks. Buy gold and cryptocurrencies.

It is worth noting that the us economy greatly affects Asia and Europe. When the US stock markets recently began the most active sales in recent years, because of what was lost all profits earned in 2018, analysts noted the vulnerability of Asian markets. Kathy lien, managing Director of Department of strategy of development of currency markets in BKAM, commented:

Since a rising trend is no pressure on emerging markets will be greater in comparison with the United States. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning. I think that such changes in the mood of market participants always take longer than we would like and we will see that the sale is in connection with the threat of further reduction of prices for some time will continue.

Thus, if the US economy will survive the collapse by 2020, as predicted by many economists and leading financial institutions, including JPMorgan, it will have a dramatic impact on the stock and financial markets and the real estate market in Asia.

On the US debt, who referred to Kim Dotcom, say some economists, and government agencies, such as the IMF. Latest recently said that the United States should stop ignoring this very serious problem.

According to Kim Dotcom, in the next ten years as mass distribution of crypto-currencies, when they will accept as a means of payment, users will receive unprecedented financial freedom:

Cryptocurrency replaces Fiat money, and this process is rapidly gaining momentum. We are in the beginning, but in ten years you will be able to pay with a cryptocurrency account and for them to buy goods and services. Bankers and politicians will no longer play your money in a crappy casino. Cryptographic protection + cryptocurrency = freedom.

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