Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has lost the latest round of fighting against his extradition to the US. Now his case will be considered by the Supreme court of New Zealand. It is reported Bloomberg.

Thursday, July 5, the court of Appeal made a decision on which Dotcom and another three accused denied the cancellation of the decision of the Supreme court that they can be extradited to the United States. Ira Rothken, Dotcom’s lawyer, commented on the situation via Twitter:

We are disappointed with today’s Judgment by the NZ Court of Appeal in the @KimDotcom case. We have now been to three courts each with a different legal analysis — one of which thought that there was no copyright infringement at all. We will seek review with the NZ Supreme Court.

— Ira Rothken (@rothken) July 4, 2018

We are disappointed with the decision of the court of Appeal of New Zealand in the case of Kim Dotcom. Currently we are in the three courts with different legal positions, one of which believes that copyright infringement did not exist. We will achieve the consideration in the Supreme court of New Zealand.

US demand to extradite Dotcom from New Zealand the work on the now defunct file hosting service Megaupload, which, according to American prosecutors, was the cause of the biggest copyright infringement in the country’s history. The case began in January 2012 after the arrest of Dotcom in New Zealand armed police, who acted on a tip from the FBI.

Prosecutors allege that the damage from Megaupload through which once held 4% of the total Internet traffic amounted to more than $175 million due to exchange pirated movies, music and files. Dotcom and the other defendants never admitted guilt.

The court of appeal in its decision confirmed that the United States has submitted sufficient weight of evidence for extradition. However, the ruling said that the final decision on the issue rested with the Minister of justice.

Some time after the closure of Megaupload, the entrepreneur has turned its attention to the possibilities of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. He has launched a service Megaupload 2.0 that took bitcoin payments, micropayments in bitcoin Bitcache and even engaged in creating its own cryptocurrency. Also in 2015, he wanted to run MegaNet, “the new Internet on the blockchain”, but this project remained at a conceptual level. Currently we are working on a project K. im — a decentralized system of content monetization.

In 2016, well before the incredible rise of the cryptocurrency market Dotcom advised his Twitter followers “to run to buy bitcoins right now is cheap.”