Ground X, the technological unit of the South Korean communications giant Kakao, has launched a test version of its own blockchain network Klaytn.

According to a press release, the developers Klaytn managed to achieve the interval between blocks in one second, and network bandwidth — 1500 transactions per second (TPS). This is achieved by applying hybrid approach using the concept of consensus of the hosts and Rangers — units-controllers.

Blockchain platform has integrated tools and tutorials to make it easier for developers of decentralized applications, the use of Klaytn. The Toolkit includes
Klaytn Wallet to store and transfer tokens Klaytn Scope for monitoring network activity and create blocks and BLASQ — a platform for knowledge exchange.

Private token blockchain platform called KLAY, they will be rewarded by the network nodes depending on their contribution.

Currently, the test network Klaytn available to a limited number of partners (more than 10) from different industries including entertainment, healthcare, games and streaming service, said in a statement. The launch of the core network is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019, after the phase of testing and correcting identified errors.

We will remind that about plans Kakao to develop their own blockchain-based platform, it became known in March this year, when the company confirmed that it has created the Ground X it was under this task.