In his Twitter account, the founder of TRON Justin San urged developers to stop the creation of decentralized applications on the network Ethereum and go to TRON.

The tweet was published after the developer Parity Africa Choedon wrote that Ethereum is working at full capacity, and asked the developers to switch to other network such as Ethereum Classic.

Stop the deployment of dpov in the Ethereum network and immediately switch to a network TRON! We’re 100 times faster than that of Ethereum, and is fully compatible with it. We 100% guarantee the best user interface!

At the time of publishing the tweet, the African Choedon network Ethereum really worked to the limit and about 59 000 transactions “hung in the air.”

Acne Buterin, in turn, noted that only a small part of decentralized applications optimal use “gas”. He added that some of dappy spend too much “gas”, others have to use it more effectively.

TRON Foundation argues that the virtual machine network is completely compatible with the virtual machine Ethereum (EVM), the team can switch to TRON absolutely for free. When I was running the virtual machine, the community took it as a step to expansion of the network.

Technical project Director also claims that the developer tools virtual machine TRON similar instruments EVM.

While Justin San and his team promise to “best user interface”, some members of the cryptocurrency community are reacting with skepticism and even negative. So, there are opinions that TRON “died before”.