The Senate of the state of Wyoming has approved a bill that partially recognizes the cryptocurrency money

Official web site of the Legislative Assembly of the state of Wyoming announced that February 19 was adopted two bills on blockchain technology. Once the bill is approved and signed by the Governor of the state, mark Gordon, he will officially take effect on July 1, and klassificeret digital assets as property, in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code.

According to the bill:

“Consumer digital assets are intangible personal property and should be treated as General intangibles, as defined in W. S. 34.1–9–102 (a) (xlii), only for the purposes of article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, section 34.1, Wyoming statutes”.

Binance launches its own platform DEX

February 20 representatives of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges Binance launched decentralised Binance DEX platform built on the blockchain Binance Chain. Now the traders have the opportunity to create a wallet on the test network and start exchanging tokens.

Due to the recent positive sentiment indicator rose BNB.

University of Michigan invests in cryptocurrency

The endowment Fund of the University of Michigan, currently estimated at about $ 12 billion, is planning further investments in the cryptocurrency Fund Andreessen Horowitz a16z.

According to the news from the meeting of representatives of the Fund, published this week, the University has already invested $ 3 million in cryptocurrency Fund Andreessen Horowitz a16z in June 2018 and is currently considering further investments.

But the exact investment amount was not announced.

The Thai Parliament has approved the amendments allowing the issue of securities licenzirovanie

According to a Friday post Bangkok Post the National legislative Assembly of Thailand approved the amendment to the law on securities and the stock exchanges, authorizing the issuance of securities such as stocks and bonds, on the blockchain.

Pantera Capital raised $ 125 million for its third Fund of cryptocurrency

In March Pantera Capital closed an investment round in which it raised $ 125 million for its cryptocurrency Fund.

The new Fund is the third to Pantera Capital, the first two had the funds in the amount of $ 13 million and $ 25 million. The new project is focused on long-term investment in storage services cryptocurrency created by large banks and trading platforms and tools for managing digital assets.

Samsung Galaxy S10 offers storage for private keys from crypto-currency wallets

February 21, 2019, the company Samsung has announced that the new mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S10, in addition to other innovations, has a special storage for private keys from cryptocurrency wallets. The presentation was held in Seoul, San Francisco and London.

Press release:

“Galaxy S10 built on the basis of Samsung Knox and secure storage with hardware that stores your private keys for mobile services supported by the blockchain technology”.

Also interesting is the fact that last summer representatives of Samsung named the smartphone with the most secure devices for cryptocurrency transactions.

JP MORGAN has started testing its own cryptocurrency

Company JPMorgan Chase, one of the largest banks in the U.S., has developed its own cryptocurrency. With its help, the company plans to carry out instant transactions using blockchain technology.

“JPM Coin currently is a prototype that will be tested with a small number of institutional clients of JP Morgan, with plans to expand the pilot program at the end of this year. JPM Coin is currently designed for the transfer of funds between businesses, and because we are still in the testing stage, we have no plans to provide it to individuals at this stage. However, the benefits of cost savings and efficiency will be extended to end users of our institutional clients”, — said Umar Farooq, head of development of blockchain JPMorgan.