Co-founder and head of the Ethereum blockchain company ConsenSys Joseph Lubin (Lubin Joseph) in an interview with Bloomberg about the state of the stock market and the development of Ethereum has made a number of critical attacks against two major projects in the industry.

To the question, what will this mean for Ethereum if “other protocols, which trade speed or decentralization for safety” will benefit in the medium to long term, Lubin said

“Ripple actually is not a blockchain technology, this kind of payment system, so I don’t consider it a competitor.”

He continued on about EOS, describing the project as “slightly decentralized approach when building a blockchain system.” Lubin pointed to the apparatus of decision-making in the network of EOS, who, according to him, consists of “twenty-one men who know each other know.”

“EOS is an interesting technology, but incredibly dangerous to treat her like a sibling,” said the CEO of ConsenSys.

It is noteworthy that the statement about Ripple Lubin was previously confirmed by the company representatives. In June, the main Ripple cryptographer David Schwartz (David Schwartz) and President of the company’s successful development of clients tricher Marcus (Marcus Treacher) in an interview with Reuters has admitted that the technology solution xCurrent not “is a distributed registry”. In addition, they added that banks are currently not willing to use the blockchain.

On the centralized nature of EOS, the main network which was launched in June, also drew attention, for example, the independent rating Agency Weiss Ratings.