Programmer, analyst, anti-virus software Creator John McAfee may 27, said that against the cryptocurrency waged war. With this revelation he made videopost in his Twitter. In his opinion, there are “powerful forces” trying to prevent cryptocurrency revolution. McAfee began with that clearly described the coming battle:

Known to you or not, but this is war.

In the list of “enemy fighters” he included the government, the banks issuing credit card company and the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA. According to him, all these institutions and organizations together trying to slow down the progress in the cryptocurrency sector.

McAfee’s statements cannot be called baseless, as many banks and credit card issuers have recently begun to withdraw support for cryptocurrency payments, and governments and regulators such as the SEC, often consider cryptocurrencies as securities.

He further called on all supporters of the cryptocurrency to go into action:

What can we do? To begin to act. Write to your congressmen; it sounds silly, but as long as they in power, make them work. Go to the Bank and ask them to enable cryptocurrency transactions. If they refuse, ask them to recommend a Bank that will meet you. Contact with the similar requirement in the company issuing credit cards.

According to McAfee, the situation will change only when the enthusiasts of the cryptocurrency will begin to be proactive and seize the initiative. McAfee also urged people to write to the SEC, asking the Commission not to accept the digital currency securities. He said

We are not securities, and coins, currency. They are afraid of us.

Recently, the organization led by the McAfee Team McAfee has published the “Declaration of independence cryptocurrency”. This lengthy document is a vow of solidarity with the ideal of the cryptocurrency movement.

Much of the text echoes the United States Declaration of independence in 1776. Both documents begin with the now famous phrase: “When the course of events leads to…”

Cross-cutting theme of the document was the notion that the current FIATA monetary system “carries out fundamental manipulation of the” persistence of values. As a result, as stated in the Declaration, the cryptocurrency has become the only means of revival of the concept of value.

The Declaration States:

Where confirmation of the value once the power of the state “on the other side of the gun barrel,” people have created, demonstrated and distributed technology, is able to demonstrate the value from using electricity on irrefutable mathematical proof. Such a concept was unthinkable before the launch of the bitcoin blockchain.

McAfee Team under the leadership of John McAfee asks everyone to familiarize themselves with the document and sign it. The Declaration is available in 14 languages including English, Spanish, French and Dutch.