The founder of a large American investment company Kynikos Associates Jim Milkfish (Chanos Jim), at the time predstavki sunset Enron, in an interview with Bloomberg stated that bitcoin “represents a speculative play on security, which is disguised as a technological breakthrough in monetary policy”.

According to him, on the background of the global crisis for users it makes more sense to own a food or currency, for which there is a state. And the rapid growth of bitcoin in 2017, according to the investor, is a part of “the cycle of deception”.

“The worst scenario for those who believe that to spare the funds necessary to purchase digital currency. After all, with this problem of the digital currency are coping the worst. Bitcoin is the last thing that I would like to wield, when (the currency), the system will give”, – he said.

We will remind that the head of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon, who in September of last year called bitcoin a “hoax” and has appeared several times with his criticism, then expressed regret about his statements.