Company Money Forward Inc (MF), operator of one of the most popular applications for managing personal finances, has announced plans to launch this year, the cryptocurrency exchange.

For the project the firm has already registered a subsidiary company Money Forward Financial, headed by a member of the “Laboratory of the blockchain and virtual currencies” MF.

In a press release Japanese FINTECH companies reported plans to first launch in the summer of 2018 media cryptopleura, then the exchange of crypto-currency assets. In follow-up should be a system of transfers and payments for digital assets, research for which is conducted by the Laboratory of the blockchain MF.

At the end of 2018, the year the Japanese FINTECH companies were registered 5.5 million users of the app to manage finances. About 500 thousand enterprises and 2.4 thousand accounting firms use a cloud service accounting MF.

Notably, about plans to open a cryptocurrency exchange, the company said amid the stricter regulatory requirements of Japan’s industry. After a large-scale hacking of Tokyo crypto currency exchange Coincheck in January, the financial services Agency (FSA) beginning of test exchanges, the results of which were given not only administrative regulation, but even temporarily suspended operation of some companies.

Some already worked in the country kryptomere Japanese were forced to announce the cessation of activities. Foreign Binance and the Kraken decided to curtail activities in Japan.

In the beginning of may, the FSA announced the preparation of new requirements to cryptocurrency exchanges.