Company SBI Virtual Currencies on July 17 announced that its new cryptocurrency exchange VCTRADE is open to the public. SBI Virtual Currencies — brand, which the company SBI Holdings was registered in October 2016. In turn, SBI Holdings is a division of Tokyo financial Corporation SBI Group.

In September 2017 SBI Virtual Currencies was registered with the Japanese financial services Agency (FSA). According to the head of the company Hesitate, Kitao, VCTRADE was conceived as a “cryptocurrency exchange platform with strong positions”. In beta testing the exchange was launched on the 30th January.

Originally it was planned to offer only trading a few XRP/JPY, but in may the company announced that it also intends to work with the bitcoin Cash Bitcoin and Ethereum. Trade Bitcoin Cash was added on 8 June, but a bitcoin a week later. Finally, in June the market has earned under the name VCTRADE. Start delay was caused by the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars in crypto-currencies with the Japanese exchange Coincheck.

At the beginning of VCTRADE was open only to traders who have pre-registered in October 2017. July 17, it is open to all citizens of Japan aged 20 to 70 years. As stated on the website, corporate customers are not yet served.

VCTRADE — part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, which intends to build a SBI. For example, in the past, company representatives talked about the fact that I want to do mining, since the market is monopolized by Chinese companies. It is an objective assessment of the situation: the share of Chinese Bitmain account for almost half of all namelennym bitcoins.

In July 2018, Hesitate Kitao said that Bitcoin Cash more viable than bitcoin, which is too expensive. Since February of this year the company mines this cryptocurrency through its division SBI Crypto, but it created, Hasrat still assestment.