Leading bitcoin exchange, Japan’s Coincheck has confirmed the imminent withdrawal from the auction-oriented povishennoy the privacy of users of cryptocurrency Monero, Dash and zcash for.


— Coincheck(コインチェック) (@coincheckjp) 18 may 2018

As they say in the message on the official website of the exchange, the decision was made in light of the provisions received by the company from the financial services Agency of Japan (FSA), which refers to the need to improve business processes, including the strengthening of measures for the observance of the legislation on combating laundering of illegally obtained income.

Delisting of the above coins will be carried out up to may 18. Until that date, users must bring the cryptocurrency into their wallets or exchange them for other traded on the platform assets.

Besides Monero, Dash and zcash for, Coincheck also removes the listing token Augur.

Rumors that the Japanese stock exchange may be obliged to withdraw Monero, zcash for Dash and appeared at the end of April. Later the financial services Agency of Japan (FSA) confirmed these intentions, when it became known, to protect investors and mitigate the risks of large-scale hacker attacks akin to the January burglary Coincheck will be tightened requirements for local cryptocurrency exchanges.

Also this week it became known that Coincheck plans to enter the US market.