In an effort to attract new users and improve its own liquidity, the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Bitbank announced a special program to attract bitcoins, according to Yahoo Finance.

According to the report, the exchange will allow users to invest at least 1 bitcoin Virtual Currency Lending in exchange for a fixed interest rate.

Initially the service will only be available for holders of bitcoin. In the coming months it will expand to include other popular cryptocurrencies, including Ripple, Etherium, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

According to the rules of the program, the user sends to the exchange the assets for at least 12 months. The payment of dividends proportional to their means. The admission will be possible after verification of personal data and user accounts. Proven traders will get permission to lend your bitcoins next month, that is, the user passed in June of 2018, will be able to participate in the program from July 2018 with the lock until July 2019.

“Cryptocurrency remains blocked during the entire loan period. Thus, it cannot be sold or transferred. To sell or transfer the bitcoin client will be able only after the loan period”, — stated in the program rules.

One of 16 fully licensed cryptocurrency exchanges Japan, Bitbank, according to CoinMarketCap ranked 31st in the world in total daily trading volume. The exchange offers eight trading pairs.

Recall from 1 June, customers Abic Japanese Corporation has the opportunity to obtain a secured bitcoin loan.

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