Japanese company Kyocera Corporation and new York startup LO3 Energy Inc. appointed on 28 February, the start of the pilot project, during which they plan to assess the capabilities of virtual power plants for independent power exchange between users.

On the capacity of Kyocera in Kanagawa Prefecture will establish a small power plant using electrochemical modules and solar battery, and a distributed registry LO3 Energy will be used for verification and recording of transactions and exchange of energy that users generate using your own solar panels using microset.

Thus it is suggested to remove the load from the main grid, and to promote the idea of low-carbon community and to develop new ways of improving the efficiency of power grids in Japan and around the world.

We will remind that earlier Japanese IT Corporation Fujitsu tested blockchain system to solve problems of inefficient management of the exchange of excess electricity, together with electricity provider ENERES applying blockchain technology to provide a more stable energy supply in peak periods. And Spanish energy company Iberdrola has completed the project, which allows using this technology prove that energy is supplied and consumed, 100% produced from renewable sources.