The head of the us financial giant JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon (Jamie Dimon) live on CNBC stated that the possibility of the application created by the establishment of a private stablon JPM Coin not only to optimize the internal activities of the Bank but also its clients.

“PMorgan Coin can be used for internal calculations, or for commercial, but someday and for the consumer”, he said.

Recall that during testing, the JPM Coin plan to use for a small portion of international transactions between wholesale clients payment services of the Bank. This application stablon may be its first use, the head of the blockchain initiatives JPMorgan Umar Farooq (Umar Farooq). According to him, other aspects of early application of the JPM Coin can be accelerated settlement of transactions in securities and use of as a replacement for the dollar in transactions between subsidiaries of the corporations. Ultimately the banking cryptocurrency can be used in mobile payments added Farooq.