CEO of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon in 2017, has become the undisputed captain of the brigade of haters of Bitcoin. Then he called cryptocurrency “fraud”, which eventually deflate. However, now that the cryptocurrency bubble is still burst, daymon is not going to gloat.

Diamon podelilsa opinion on the sidelines of the world economic forum in Davos. The banker told CNBC that it is not happy to drop the price of Bitcoin at 82 percent. However, he could not completely abandon ridicule and once again reminded that considers the real technology of the blockchain, not Bitcoin.

The blockchain is a real technology, it’s simple actual database, to which we all have access.

However, he added that in all the hype around the cryptocurrency mainly blame the media.

As writes the CCN, in the past, Dimon was much more harsh in his statements on the subject of cryptocurrencies. Calling Bitcoin a Scam, he also ridiculed captainvalor, not excluding from this category, even his own daughter.

I don’t care what you trade bitcoins how they trade, why, and who. If you are stupid enough to buy it, then one day you’ll pay for your stupidity.

Daymon also remembered his words about that, before dropping to zero Bitcoin quite a can reach a price of 100 thousand dollars. According to him, the Tulip bulbs too, at some point reached 75 thousand dollars in price.

However, despite all the predictions and the actual significant drop kaptarenko last year, the price of Bitcoin is still far from zero. Moreover, there are growing signs of a possible imminent reversal of the trend.

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