15 Jun Italian stock exchange BitGrail has officially announced that its bitcoin wallets had been arrested by the authorities. The statement said that the government 5 Jun withdraw money from the wallets of the exchange by the decision of Tribunal of Florence and placed under judicial control pending further decisions in accordance with the procedure of bankruptcy.

The size of these assets is not specified.

Victims of the hacking of the exchange BitGrail filed a petition alleging that the trading platform became bankrupt in accordance with article 6 of the Italian bankruptcy law. The petition was filed by the lender BitGrail Espen Enger, which communicates with more than 3,000 applicants.

In February, the exchange BitGrail had been hacked, which resulted in the loss of 17 million Nano (XRB, informed Raiblocks), which in the time of the theft was worth $187 million After the cessation of trading platform CEO Francesco Pirano said that to return the stolen amount is impossible.

The hacking caused some controversy between BitGrail and Nano Foundation because it was unclear who is to blame for the vulnerabilities used by hackers.

In April, Nano Foundation announced that it will launch a Fund for the support of all the victims of hacking and will help represent their interests in court in connection with the insolvency BitGrail.

3 may BitGrail reopened, however, after three hours ceased its work by order of the Tribunal of Florence. The court decided to immediately close it at the request of the law Bureau Bonelli, voiced on behalf of the client. Then, the exchange stressed that despite disagreement with the decision of the court, intends to comply with it.