Analysts at Digital Delphi found that more than 80% of all Ethereum coins are stored on the address 7542. Each of them contains more than 1000 ETH.

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— Delphi Digital (@Delphi_Digital) March 7, 2019

So, 6490 addresses stored from 1000 to 10 000 ETH ETH, 923 — from 10 000 to 100 ETH 000 ETH, 155 — from 100 000 to 1 000 ETH 000 ETH, and only four — from 1 000 000 to 10 000 ETH 000 ETH.

It is noteworthy that, according to Digital Delphi, after each of the five hardforce price Ethereum on average had dipped to 19% within 30 days. However, after Constantinople, the quotes have not changed.

As of March 3, in smart contracts, decentralized financial applications were about 2.3 million ETH, most of the MakerDAO.

Also in Digital Delphi is concerned with the problem of centralization of decisions for the deployment of decentralized applications without running a full node Infura from startup ConsenSys. Analysts believe that the emergence of single points of failure carries risks for developers DApps.

Earlier, the Parity Technologies reiterated the possibility of restoring access to frozen funds totaling $62 million by hard forks.