Ahead of the blockchain startup ConsenSys large-scale transformation and transition to the so-called ConsenSys 2.0. However, anonymous sources, the publication CoinDesk believe that the company will encounter substantial problems because of the “unusual” investment strategies Joseph Lubin.

Note that Lubin planned to attract foreign partners and investors for further development of the project, however, many are questioning the methods ConsenSys in the context of financing startups. Thus, the company requires not less than 50% of the share of each ward.

“Many funds and individual investors, and so not particularly pleased when Joe at the negotiating table, not to mention the 50% share”, — said the source.

At the same time, employees ConsenSys worried for their well-being after numerous reports of large-scale reductions.

We will remind, 2.0 ConsenSys needs to be based on five pillars: the culture of superiority and control, with emphasis on the creation of real values, the development of the Ethereum infrastructure, the financing of decentralized applications through venture capital division ConsenSys, selling blockchain solutions to corporate clients and consulting services, and training of developers and the public blockchain technology.

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